1)      How do I register my company as a supplier?

Supplier registration is done via the AGGM platform. After successful user registration in the public area, further data must be entered in the log-in area. The following steps are necessary for the supplier registration:

For detailed instructions, please read the guide.

2)      My company is already active as a supplier and now wants to register as a BGR, how do I proceed?

A user can start the activity extension in the login area under My Profile. For the exact instructions, read the guide.


1)      What functions are available in the personal login area?

Users whose organisations are active as suppliers can manage their supplier account, create new ones and start the BGR change in the login area. In addition, the networks in which end customers are supplied can be selected.

2)      How do I change my company data and user data?

In the logged-in area under My Profile company and user data can be changed directly under My Profile > Change Master Data. For company name changes please write a message via Create message to the market area manager. 

3)      What features does the dashboard offer and how do I use it?

For a detailed description and instructions of the dashboard, please read the guide.

4)      I would like to assign my supplier account to another BGR. How do I apply for this BGR change?

In the logged-in area under Admin Area > Administration > Supplier Account Administration, the request can be sent to the respective BGR. A drop-down list shows the available, active BGRs. For detailed instructions, read the guide.

5)      How do I create a new supplier account?

In the logged-in area under Admin Area > Administration > Supplier Account Administration, another Y-code for a supplier account can be requested. For detailed instructions, read the guide.

6)      I want to supply end customers in another network. Do I have to map this information in the platform? 

Yes, in the logged-in area under Admin > Administration > Grid, another system operator can be selected before the supply begins. The system operator must confirm the supplier and then the system operator is automatically informed and the new components are created. For detailed instructions, read the guide.

7)     My company wants to end its supplier activities; how should I proceed?

A message must be sent to AGGM from the login area with the information. AGGM coordinates the termination process and will inform all system operators.  For detailed instructions, read the guide.