EIC Allocation

AGGM as a Local Issuing Office (LIO) is entitled to allocate EICs (Energy Identification Codes). The European code scheme was implemented to ensure a distinct and effective transfer of data. An EIC is therefore always allocated to a specific object (system operator, trader, market area, etc.). AGGM allocates the following EIC-types, that can all be requested via the online form: 

  • X-Codes: to identify legal entities (e.g. BGRs, suppliers). Companies with a seat in Austria can apply for an EI X-Code at AGGM. Companies outside of Austria must contact a national LIO. 

  • Y-Codes: to identify BGs, Sub-BGs or supplier accounts. 

  • Z-Codes: to identify metering points. 

  • W-Codes: to identify production, storage, or consumption facilities.   

  • T-Codes: to identify connecting objects (e.g., network connections or transformers). 

  • V-Codes: to identify a physical point where a natural or legal person or their IT system is located (e.g. network node). 

  • A-Codes: to identify substations. 

The Central Issuing Office (CIO) is under the direct responsibility of ENTSO-E and the EIC Reference Manual contains all relevant regulations regarding the issuing of EICs. You can find the current Reference Manual here.