2nd tender for the procurement of the strategic gas reserve

The second tender for the procurement of the strategic reserve was completed on 25 July 2022. The tender conditions were published on the AGGM website on 22 July 2022. Since there was only little time left for the injection before the heating season, the 2nd tender was scheduled so that the additional injection could start on 1 August.

Following the end of the bidding phase for product 2 "Storage Capacity" on 25 July 2022, 12 noon and for products 1 "Gas in Storage" and 3 "Commodity Baseload" on 26 July 2022, 12 noon, the award decisions were sent to the bidders after the evaluation of a total of 226 bids submitted in the three product categories via ASGM's web-based bidding platform.

The targets for the procurement of the strategic gas reserve were met in full.

All operators of storage facilities located on Austrian territory participated. Due to the amendment of the Austrian Gas Act on the use of storage capacities ("Use-it-or-lose-it"), capacity was also available in the Haidach storage facility. Furthermore, Slovakian storage facilities with direct access to the Austrian network were also eligible.

Of the 33 Austrian and international companies registered for the 2nd tender, 25 participated, of which 22 were successful.

The largest share (10.8 TWh) of the 2nd tender was obtained with product 1 "Gas in storage". In addition, storage capacities for the entire volume (12,3 TWh) were secured until 1 April 2025.

The total costs for the second part of the procurement of the strategic gas reserve, including storage costs until 1 April 2025, amounted to EUR 2,995 million. With an average price of around 234 EUR/MWh, the costs of the 2nd procurement round were significantly higher than the first tender, as the market environment has become significantly more expensive. The market price more than doubled from around €89/MWh on 23 May to over €201/MWh on 26 July. The premium at the time of the award was thus slightly lower in absolute terms for the second tender than for the first.

The second tender procedure for the procurement of the strategic gas reserve was carried out by ASGM Austrian Strategic Gas Storage Management GmbH in a market-based, transparent, non-discriminatory and public tender procedure with the following schedule:

Start of registration period:


End of registration period:


Start of bidding period:


End of offer submission for product 2 “storage capacity”:


End of offer submission for products 1 “gas in storage” and 3 “commodity baseload”:


Bid Validity Period:


Information to bidders on award of contract for all products:


Start of gas volume injection for product 1:

Transfer of storage capacity for product 2:

Start of gas volume transfer at the VTP for product 3:




Transfer of gas volumes and storage capacity for product 1 


The 2nd Tender Invitation with the key data for the tender can be found here: 

Dokument Tender Invitation (Update 21.7.2022)

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the call for tenders including product descriptions and annexes are available for download here. 

Full Package of 2nd ASGM SGR tender documents (Update 21.7.2022)

The registration of interested parties was handled via ASGM's web-based bidding platform. For interested bidders that had already successfully registered for the first tender round in May, documents already submitted were counted towards fulfilment of requirements (if still valid). Only the new tender conditions had to be accepted and the requirements for any additional products should be documented.

After successful verification of the pre-qualification criteria by ASGM, binding bids for all 3 products could be submitted by registered bidders on the bidding platform from 22.7.2022, 10 a.m.  

The deadline for bids for

  • product 2 "Storage Capacity" until 25.7.2022, 12 noon and for
  • products 1 "Gas in Storage" and 3 "Commodity Baseload" until 26.7.2022, 12 noon. 

The award decision were made by 27.7.2022, 08:00 a.m. 

The results of this tender will be published on the AGGM website

Any questions regarding the procurement process of the strategic gas reserve can be sent to the following e-mail address: gasreserve@asgm.at

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