Strategic Gas Reserve

AGGM was entrusted with the procurement and management of the Austrian strategic gas reserve by the amendment to the Austrian Gas Act 2011 (GWG) (Federal Law Gazette I No. 38/2022). Within the framework of a market-based, transparent, non-discriminatory and public tender procedure, 12.6 TWh of gas are to be procured from federal funds in order to increase the security of supply in the Austrian market areas East, Tyrol and Vorarlberg. The strategic gas reserve is to be held in storage facilities that can be used for direct exit to the East market area. The reserve for the market areas Tyrol and Vorarlberg can also be held in storage facilities which are connected to neighboring market areas.

AGGM established a subsidiary, the ASGM Austrian Strategic Gas Storage Management GmbH, for the exclusive purpose of performing these tasks.

The schedule of the Tender envisages that filling of the strategic gas reserve can take place from 1.6.2022:

Start of registration period:

10.5.2022 14:00

End of registration period:

18.5.2022 18:00

Start of bidding period:

16.5.2022 10:00

End of bidding period:

23.5.2022 12:00

Bid Validity Period:

24.5.2022 12:00

Confirmation of Acceptance:

until 24.5.2022 12:00

Please find the Tender Invitation with the key data for the tender as well as the General Terms and Conditions for the tender including annexes can be found on the AGGM website. All documents are only available in English.

Any questions regarding the procurement process for the strategic gas reserve can be sent to the following e-mail address: For the current status of answered questions, please click here:


To facilitate the Know Your Customer process, the following information has been compiled:

ASGM Data Sheet 

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