Maintenance coordination


In accordance with section 14 (1) (11) and section 18 (1) (28) GWG, coordinating the maintenance of transmission and distribution systems has been conferred upon AGGM. The impact on system users has to be kept to a minimum.

Results of the maintenance coordination

The AGGM Integrated Annual Maintenance Plan provides in one document

  • a synopsis of the current status of all maintenance activities at the relevant points of the transmission system in the market area East as well as the maximum available capacity on page 1 and
  • a compilation of the restrictions caused by maintenance work at entry/exit points in the Eastern distribution area and in the Tyrol and Vorarlberg market areas on page 2.

„Urgent Market Messages“ (UMM) of AGGM are published on the CEGH REMIT_Platform.

Maintenance Information Meeting

The presentations of the Maintenance Information Meeting on 29.11.2021 are available for download below.

    Publications of other system operators

    You can also get corresponding information about the planned maintenance work and the publication of UMM on the websites of the respective Austrian transmission system operators or storage companies:

    Gas Connect Austria GmbH  Maintenance Works  UMM
    Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH Maintenance Works UMM
    OMV Gas Storage Austria GmbH Maintenance Works
    RAG Energy Storage GmbH Maintenance Works  UMM
    Uniper Energy Storage GmbH Maintenance Works  UMM

    Furthermore you find below weblinks to maintenance publications of adjacent transmission system or storage system operators: