Balancing Group Responsible


1)      I would like to register my company as a BGR? How do I have to proceed?

BGR registration takes place via the AGGM platform. After successful user registration in the public area, further data must be entered in the log-in area. The following steps are necessary for the BGR registration in the market area East:

The following steps are necessary for the BGR registration in the market area Tyrol & Vorarlberg:

For detailed instructions, please read the guide.

2)      Which code do I need as a BGR and as a supplier?

To register as a BGR or supplier, your company needs a national or international EI X code. If your company has its registered office in Austria, AGGM as LIO will assign it. Non-Austrian companies must contact the respective national LIO. For detailed instructions, read the guide.

3)      With which partners are contracts concluded?

In the MA-East, contracts are concluded with AGGM (MADAM), Central European Gas Hub (CEGH/VTP) and AGCS (CE).

In the MA-T&V contracts are concluded with AGGM (MADAM) and A&B (CE).

4)      Is stock exchange membership a prerequisite?

As of 01.10.2022, exchange membership with EEX is no longer a prerequisite for BGR activities.

5)      Where must collateral be deposited?

In the MA-East, collateral must be deposited with CEGH and AGCS. For more detailed information, please contact CEGH and AGCS.

In the MA-T&V, collateral must be deposited with A&B. For more detailed information, contact A&B.


1)      Which functions are available in the login area?

  • General functions: change of master data, send message, extend market activities
  • BG/Sub-BG administration: request an additional BG; add, change BG members
  • Accept, change SA
  • Balancing messages
  • Balancing data publication (data monitor)
  • Change of allocation of end consumer
  • Dashboard

2)      How do I change company and user data?

In the logged-in area under My Profile > Change Master Data.

For company name changes or changes in the company structure, which affect the UID number, for example, please write a message to the market area manager via Create message.

3)      What features does the dashboard offer and how do I use it?

For a detailed description and instructions of the dashboard, please read the guide.

4)      I would like to create another BG/Sub-BG; what do I have to do?

For another BG/Sub-BG, a Y-code must be requested in the login area. For detailed instructions, read the guide.

5)      How do I delete a BG?

For detailed instructions, read the guide.

6)      How do I add a BG member?

In the logged-in area under BG administration, all BGs/sub-BGs are displayed and can be edited. Select the applicable BG/Sub-BG and click on Add Member. Enter the EI X-Code and the company name of the partner, as well as the Valid from date (Valid until is optional / by default the Valid until date is the validity of the BGR). For detailed instructions, read the guide.

7)      How can a supplier be assigned to a new BG?

For detailed instructions, read the guide.

8)      What do I see in the data monitor?

In the data monitor, public MA data and private BG data can be combined and displayed. AGGM provides the BG status data and allocation status data of the BGR for all MAs. For detailed instructions, read the guide.

9)      How do I receive the balancing messages?

You receive balancing messages automatically via AS4 (sample messages can be found here).

In the personal login area of the AGGM platform, you will find the balancing messages under Admin Area > BG Status. For detailed instructions, read the guide.

In case of deactivation of the automated e-mail notification, change the format of balance group status messages from web to AS4 in the master data change module.

10)      The messages are not provided in Excel anymore, where can I see the data in tables?

The BG-Status in the balancing messages are shown in the data monitor also in tables. Kindly refer to the instructions.

11)      My company is currently in the registration process, where can I see the current status?

The status of your registration can be viewed on the AGGM platform under Admin Area > Registration Status.

12)  My company is already registered as a BGR in one MA and now wants to become active in the entire Austrian MA and/or additionally as a supplier, how to proceed?

A user can start the activity extension in the login area under My Profile. For detailed instructions, read the BGR registration guide or supplier registration guide.

13)   My company wants to stop BGR activities, how do I proceed?

From the login area, send a message to AGGM with the information. AGGM will coordinate a termination date and send you a termination agreement. Subsequently, E-Control will revoke the notice. AGGM informs all system operators. For detailed instructions, read the guide.