AGGM Platform

1)      How do I get to the AGGM platform?

The AGGM platform can be accessed via the AGGM website or directly via this link.

2)      My company is already registered as a market participant. I do not have personal access yet, how can I apply for it?

To obtain access data to the personal area of the AGGM platform, the user registration form in the public area must be completed and submitted. Once activated, the user can be added to an existing organisation in the log-in area. For detailed instructions, read the guide.

3)      Which functions are available in the public area of the AGGM platform?

In the public area of the AGGM platform, the map of Austria, the data monitor, a list of all active market participants and a list of all EI codes specified by AGGM are available under Market Data.

Under One-Stop-Shop you will find the online registration forms for user registration, EIC allocation and API access data.

4)      What does One-Stop-Shop mean?

As a One-Stop-Shop, AGGM has been responsible since 01.10.2022 for the registration of balance group responsibles (BGRs) in market area (MA)-East, as well as for BGR registration in MA-Tyrol & Vorarlberg (T&V) and the registration of suppliers. In addition, the data of the market participants are managed centrally and exchanged with the system operators via an interface. The One-Stop-Shop also offers a modern presentation of market area-relevant and individual data.

5)      What do I see on the " Map of Austria "?

The Austria chart in the public area provides a quick overview of the current situation in the Austrian gas market. For detailed information, click on the respective Entry/Exit (E/E) points.

6)      How do I operate the data monitor?

Here you will find detailed instructions for the data monitor.

7)      API access data

For automated retrieval of MA data, access data for the API can be requested in the public area. See the activation email for how this works. For the automated data retrieval of the balance group (BG) data, API access data with a system address can be requested in the login area. Read the guide for instructions.

8)      How do I apply for an EI Code?

As a Local Issuing Office (LIO), AGGM is authorised to issue Energy Identification Codes (EICs). The European code scheme was implemented to enable data communication unambiguously and effectively. An EIC is assigned to a specific object (BGR, system operators, market areas, etc.). Non-Austrian companies must contact the respective national LIO.

In the public sector, EI codes can be applied for under One-Stop-Shop > EIC allocation. All code types defined by ENTSO-E are available for application here. If you are already a registered market participant, the application for a further BG/Sub-BG/supplier account can also be made in the log-in area. Read the guide for instructions.

9)      Which codes does AGGM as LIO assign?

AGGM as LIO assigns the following EICs:

-          X-Codes: for the identification of organisations. AGGM issues EI X codes to Austrian companies.

-          Y codes: for the identification of BG, Sub-BG, supplier account.

-          Z codes: For the identification of measuring points. 

-          W-Codes: To identify objects for production, storage or consumption/use. 

-          T-codes: To identify connecting objects (e.g.: network couplings or transformers). 

-          V-codes: To identify physical points at which a natural or legal person or their IT system is located (e.g.: network nodes).

-          A-codes: To identify transformer stations.

10)  Who is the Central Issuing Office (CIO)?

As the Central Issuing Office (CIO), ENTSO-E is the European coordinating body for the issuing of EICs, whereby the regulations are laid down in the EIC Reference Manual. The currently valid Reference Manual can be found here

11)  How do I request access data for the MA data API?

Access data is required to retrieve the MA data automatically. These can be requested under One-Stop-Shop > API access data. The manual is included in the activation email.