Entry points for renewable gases

The aim of the project is to create a web-based map showing the optimal feed-in (entry) points for renewable gases and the regional production and demand potential.

This map will provide guidance to potential renewable gas producers on where their products can best be injected into the gas grid. The map will be continuously maintained and adapted to current conditions.

The map provides grid operators with a quickly available and well-founded basis for qualitative and quantitative statements on grid connection. Future and existing operators of renewable gas generation plants can thus carry out a targeted and more efficient site selection and thus have a simplified planning and design of their plant. Furthermore, the analysis of the demand potential provides information about feed-in conditions such as pressure and quantity and the application analysis provides information about the total possible regional feed-in potential.

These feed-in points are to be used as input for both the Network Infrastructure Plan (NIP) and the Future Renewable Gas Service Point (§64 and §65 EAG), according to §94 (5) EAG. As a pilot project to identify potential sites for feeding biomethane into the gas grid, the project "Biomethane Map" was successfully realized with Netz Burgenland in 2020. This project will build on the knowledge gained in this project.

The creation and publication of this map is a task of AGGM according to §18 (1) Z 12a GWG 2011.

Project Profile:

Project management:    AGGM, DI Vartan Awetisjan, vartan.awetisjan@aggm.at

Project participants:       all distribution system operators in Austria, AGGM

Project duration:             11/2021 - 3/2023