The energy transition must succeed!

Climate change presents us all with major challenges! In order to cope with the climate crisis and to preserve a realistic chance to reach the decarbonization goals in time, today trend-setting decisions have to be made to steer our society and the economic system into the right direction.

In Austria, about 80% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the sectors of transport, buildings, energy and industry and thus come from the "energy system". It is therefore also the responsibility of the energy infrastructure operators to offer sustainable solutions for decarbonizing the energy system in order to achieve climate neutrality quickly and in an economically efficient manner.

Against this background and out of AGGM's responsibility as a co-designer of the energy infrastructure for a climate-neutral future, AGGM, also in cooperation with other infrastructure companies, has launched a number of initiatives to identify ways and options and to work out how the energy-system-transition  can succeed.