AGGM will act as market area manager with the greatest possible transparency. With this in mind, we will continue to use the established MAM panel as the established MAM discussion platform.

The following key objectives are paramount as regards the MAM panel:

  • being absolutely non-discriminatory and operationally autonomous
  • high degree of market acceptance among all stakeholders involved
  • all services of the market area manager are offered with the aim to meet market needs
  • an active role with regard to market integration.

To this end, the transmission system operators in conjunction with representatives of Energie-Control Austria and the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy as well as additional representatives from the natural gas sector (depending on circumstances and the respective issues to be discussed) meet to jointly discuss the following topics:

  • implementation of the market area manager’s statutory responsibilities
  • practical application of the market area manager’s responsibilities
  • market-oriented approach in the market area manager’s services and regarding potential responsibilities that are associated with them
  • suggestions for improvement for the market area manager and the MAM’s future development
  • impact of European developments (in particular requirements arising from the various network codes) with possible impact on the market area manager

Information is provided on previous MAM forums and the topics discussed.