Restrictions to entry and exit points into or out of the Eastern distribution area

During winter 2014/2015 the supply of gas from and in the Distribution area could not be dealt by the system operators with the intended mechanisms of the market rules. Therefore AGGM in the function as Distribution Area Manager in cooperation with the SSOs (Storage System Operator) and the Market Area Manager (MAM) provided a detailed analysis of possible procedures and developed a process which allows the system operators a feasible method. At the same time assuring a non-discriminating participation to all market participants.

Find here the presentation which includes the concrete problem, the analysis and the approved procedure. 

AGGM in the entity as Distribution Area Manager (DAM)

... plans interruptions of nominations in order to manage the bottleneck until the end of the gas day and

... publishes the interruptions with 4 hours lead time

Market Area participants can react on these interruptions

... via the affected SSO advance and 

... appropriately, this means as its own specific requirements