Registration process for balance group representatives in the Eastern market area

If you would like to become the balance group representative (BGR) for the Eastern market area, please use the market area manager’s registration form. The registration process for the Eastern market area is a one-stop-shop for applicants. All the contractual forms necessary for registering to become a balance group representative are available exclusively on the market area manager’s online platform.
Login and registration 

Registering to become a BGR - a step-by-step guide

This document will give you an overview about the registration process.

FAQs on registration

The information given in frequently asked questions aims at simplifying the registration process for you and answer any of your questions.

The prerequisite for AGGM to agree to confer the role of BGR for consumers in the Eastern market area is the successful completion of a communication test in accordance with clause 5.4. of the GTC BGR-DAM EAST. To this end, after you have signed all the contracts, please contact to start the communication test on time.